i5 8600K vs i7 8700k – Which Should You Choose?

i5 8600k vs i7 8700k

Choosing between the i5 8600k and the i7 8700k is a decision I recently had to make when upgrading my rig. I spent a few days researching the differences and hearing what others had to say with regards to the pros and cons of each chip. I primarily use my rig for gaming but wanted to ensure my investment was … Read more

Best CPU Cooler For The i7 7700k & i7 8700k (Liquid & Air)

Best CPU Cooler For i7700k

As processors become more powerful there is a greater need for high-quality cooling. This is particularly important when it comes to Intel’s i7 series of processors. The i7 7700k and i7 8700k provide huge opportunities for overclocking to ensure you are getting the most out of your kit. But if you are overclocking you need to have a solid water … Read more