Best Competitive Battalion 1944 Settings | Simple Guide

Best Battalion 1944 Settings

Battalion 1944 has finally reached full release and has been growing in popularity thanks to its fluent movement and COD/CSGO gameplay.  Having played my fair share of Faceit matches this season I have been playing around with the different settings.   These are the best competitive settings for Battalion 1944 for me but I suggest you play around with some of … Read more

Best Fortnite Settings – MAX FPS For Chapter 2 Update

UPDATE: Since the new Fortnite 2 patch a lot of people have been reporting really bad performance.  Try setting your audio quality to low instead of high! Lets get straight to it.  This is the only guide you will need to help get the most out of your rig.  It is consistently updated when new patches roll out to ensure … Read more

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