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The mouse is the most important peripheral when it comes to gaming.  With so many mice to choose from it can be difficult to decide which one to buy.  By following this guide and using the gaming mouse comparison chart below, you can filter all the best mice available down to a select few.  This ensures you are choosing a mouse suited towards your preferred size and grip style.

If you notice a mistake or have a mouse you would like added please contact me here or leave a comment below.

How To Use This Tool

The table below represents a list of the best gaming mice available.  This is updated weekly with any new mice releases to ensure it is accurate.  You can filter by any criteria using the filter options above the table.

Once you have filtered down the table you can choose to read more through one of the article reviews or view a video review.  There is also a check price button which will take you to Amazon and show you the latest prices.  Using any of these links helps support the website and allows me to keep testing the latest mice to ensure the tool is accurate.

Before You Jump In - Lets Talk Grip Style

Before you start filtering the mice it is recommended that you understand what grip style you use.  There are three primary grip styles, palm grip, claw grip and fingertip grip.  If you are unsure which of these grip styles you fall under then check out the mouse grip guide here for more information.

Once you know your grip style you can filter using the ‘Recommended Grips’ filter to show all mice for your grip style.  

Mouse Comparison Chart

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