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Battalion 1944 has finally reached full release and has been growing in popularity thanks to its fluent movement and COD/CSGO gameplay.  Having played my fair share of Faceit matches this season I have been playing around with the different settings.  

These are the best competitive settings for Battalion 1944 for me but I suggest you play around with some of the suggestions I am about to provide.  I prioritise FPS and visibility over graphics as these are more important to stay competitive.

I am going to skip the more basic settings that everyone should know so that we can get right to the important stuff.

Best Battalion 1944 Settings

I have separated each section in correlation with the in game menus. This is meant to be a guideline and won’t necessarily be exactly to your liking. However, it provides a solid base line to get your settings off to a good start.

I recommend you play around with some of them in a LAN match, particularly the post processing settings.


Resolution Quality – 100


Nobody should be playing with VSYNC in this day and age. It adds unnecessary input lag which is a huge disadvantage.

FOV – 105

Frame Rate Cap – 200

Currently 200 is as high as the game will allow. Apparently unreal engine crashes if they allow you to put it any higher so until that changes, leave it at 200. Obviously you won’t get all these frames if you don’t own a 240hz monitor.

Brightness – 2

This is a personal preference setting and on some maps you might find your brightness to be too high. Play around with this one in a LAN match. I found 2 to be about right and is a happy medium.

Use Forward Renderer – Enabled

If you enable this you will get lower quality visuals and a performance increase.  I found that having it disabled also made the game look brighter. Having this disabled also gives the guns a more ‘shiny’ look. See the screenshots below.

Use forward renderer enabled
Use forward Renderer Enabled
Use forward renderer disabled
Use forward Renderer Disabled

Textures – Low

Texture Streaming – Disabled

AntiAliasing – Low

AntiAliasing Mode – Off

Shadows – Low

Dynamic – OFF

Effects – Low

Foliage – Off

Post Processing – Low

I play on low which disables the rest of the post process tweaks.  I recommend you jump in a LAN server and play around with this yourself.

If you want to customise some of the post-processing settings, try setting it to medium and tweaking the following settings:

Color Strength & Color Tilt

Changing these can give the game more of an ambient glow which can sometimes make players stand out more.  It can also tint the game to be more green, blue or red. This is a personal preference setting. Try it and see what feels right for you.

Toggle, Fog, Atmospherics, Landscape shadows – OFF 

World Contrast – Custom

Tweak contrast so that the colour looks normal to you. This can also help contrast players against their background making them easier to spot.

Vignette – 0

This adds black shadows around your screen which hinders your vision. It gives a binocular effect which is really bad, turn it off.

Light bounce power – Custom

This is one of the important settings if you are going to use post process tweaks.  This affects the amount of light that bounces off of objects. The higher you have it the more light will be produced. It helps improve dark areas and reduces the harshness of shadows which can improve visibility.

The rest of the settings should be disabled except for Exposure Amount.  It can be tweaked to your liking along with light bounce power. If you put both too high then the game will look really washed out and there won’t be enough contrast when you see a player.

I recommend you jump in a LAN game and tweak these settings if you are going to use post process tweaks.  Otherwise, do what I do and put post-processing on low and use the standard brightness settings to tweak the lighting.

Sound Settings

There are only three main settings you need to care about in the sound section.

Teammate Voice Lines (Wartide) – Disabled

You want to disable this as it stops your character and teammates from shouting out random lines such as ‘FRAG OUT’ etc.  You don’t need to hear that and it can detract from other sound cues like footsteps.

ADS and Stance Change Sounds – Disabled

When you change stance (crouch/prone) there is a small noise that is made to indicate this to you.  Other players don’t hear the noise, but it is unnecessary noise pollution. Again you don’t need this as it can affect your ability to hear more important gameplay cues so disable it.

Ambient Volume – 0 

The game has some great ambient sounds but similar to the other audio settings you don’t need it.  If you are going for competitive settings then turn this to 0.

Gameplay Settings

Some of these settings are personal preference but they can help improve visibility on the HUD and make it easier to read information.

Head Bob – Disable

Nobody really likes head bob, it should be disabled by default in all games.  Feel free to disable this as it just makes it more difficult to see your surroundings when your screen is jumping from left to right.


You can change the sizes of each part of the HUD.  I recommend you keep them all at 1 except ‘Objective Markers’ because setting them any lower makes them quite difficult to read.  

Objective Markers are the bomb site icons that are displayed on your screen.  These rarely ever get in the way but setting them to 0.5 makes them just as easy to read so I see no point in having these at 1.


As for the visibility section, it is mostly up to you.  I have them all on ‘show’ except for objective distances and medal awards since you don’t need that information.


The Wartide section has a really useful setting ‘Individual player info in overview’.  This makes it much easier in Wartide to see how many players are alive. Instead of showing each players profile icon it will just show the number of players still alive on each team.

Weapons Tab

Fixed Weapon View Model – Disabled 

By disabling this it gives you more customisation around how your view looks. You can position where you want your gun to be on your screen. This can even be configured per gun. So if you prefer your sniper to be different to your SMGs, you can have it any way you want. The settings I use below provide me with a clearer field of view. See what works for you.

Use Global Offsets – Enabled – 5, -2, 5

Online Tab

In the online tab, I recommend setting your matchmaking region to your correct location if it is not already set.

Final Words

That is all there is to it. Getting competitive settings isn’t difficult but can take some tweaking until you get something that feels right. This isn’t a definitive guide and you should change some of the settings to your liking. After all, what works for me might not work for you.

Hopefully this has provided a good baseline to get your game in a competitive state. Good luck and see you in Faceit!

Barry H

Barry H

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