Best Escape From Tarkov Settings – All Settings Explained 0.11 Patch

Escape from Tarkov is growing in popularity thanks to its rugged hardcore gameplay and realistic gun mechanics.  One thing holding Escape From Tarkov back though is its poor optimisation.  Luckily, that is where I come in to try and help you guys out.

I have created this quick guide after lots of testing to show you what I found to be the best Escape from Tarkov settings for squeezing out as much fps as possible.

Unless of course, you play shoreline in which case, good luck.

Jokes aside, I have a fair amount of hours in the game and I have done a lot of tinkering around to try and get my settings to be as optimal as possible.  This provides me with a balance between good visuals and solid performance.

There is a section towards the end of the guide that includes a few of the popular streamer’s settings.  Check that out if your interested in Deadly Slob, Klean or Kotton’s Escape from Tarkov settings.

So if you are are interested in grabbing a few more frames in Tarkov follow the simple steps below.

Before I get into the settings here are my pc specifications:

Best Settings My Specification

Remember that the settings I am about to show you have been tweaked a lot so that they give me the best performance using this rig.

This is important as your rig might be better or worse and you should change the settings in line with what your specifications can handle. I will try to give you a few hints and tips on certain settings that I think are important.

Please remember these are just guidelines and the game is not completely optimised so they might not work as well for you.

While updating your settings why not update your gear?  Updating my mouse has had a huge impact on my accuracy.  Your mouse is your most important peripheral especially when it comes to FPS.  Check out my list of the best gaming mice, whether you are a palm grip or claw grip player I have you covered:

Palm grip players list
Claw grip players list

Not sure what mouse grip you use?  I have written a quick and easy guide discussing the different types so you can find out which one you fall under.

Lets get stuck into the guide so we can squeeze out as much FPS out of your rig as possible!

Best Escape From Tarkov Settings Step by Step

For those of you wanting a quick answer here is my settings, click to zoom:

1920x1080 Escape From Tarkov Settings
Click to Zoom

I am going to go into more detail as some of the settings in Escape from Tarkov have a few quirks that should be taken into account.

First things first, please complete the following step as it could give you a small performance boost.

  1. Open up a windows explorer window.
  2. Navigate to where you installed Escape From Tarkov. This is usually in your program files.
  3. From there right click BsgLauncher -> Compatibility Settings ->
  4. Under Settings ensure the ‘Override high DPI scaling behaviour’ checkbox is checked and ‘disable full-screen optimisations’ is checked. Some of you may not have these settings which is fine, just select the ones you do have.
  5. Click Apply.

Screen resolution and aspect ratio do not require much discussion, these should be set to your native display settings.

Vsync – OFF

Vsync is not required since it can cause input lag. If your graphics card cannot produce the frame rate that matches your monitors refresh rate then Vsync will knock your frame rate down by half to ensure your frames are synced. Awful for any FPS game.

Limit 60 FPS – OFF

Don’t limit your FPS to 60 especially if you have a decent graphics card since you won’t be getting the most out of your card.

Overall Graphics Quality – Medium

In the testing I have done there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between high and ultra. There is a little extra gun fidelity and slightly crisper image overall but I don’t think it is worth the drop in performance.

Switching to ultra has given me huge FPS drops compared to high and especially medium. My rig isn’t really powerful enough for ultra anyway so it doesn’t necessarily apply to me as much.

Be aware that if you change this slider, it will change all your other settings since these are presets. So be careful when changing these after you have gone and customised all your settings.

Texture Quality – Medium/High

This comes down to personal preference. If you want maximum FPS possible then put this to low. I think the game looks great so I like to put this on high. I also think putting textures and shadows to low makes it easier to see people and bodies.

Shadows Quality – Medium/High

The higher your shadows the harder it is to see players in shadowed or dark areas. If you want pure FPS and visibility then turn shadows down. I like medium as it is a balance between visibility, quality and performance.

Object LOD Quality – 2

LOD or level of detail is where an object’s mesh is less dense the further away that object is from the player. It is supposed to improve rendering performance. I have had the most success setting this at 2. I don’t think it is worth increasing it regardless of your rig.

Overall Visibility – 1000

Overall visibility is fairly self-explanatory but I would recommend not having this up to maximum. I initially had it on max but it feels like it has too much impact on my rig so I have it on a nice middle ground.

Shadow Visibility – 60

Shadow visibility is somewhat related to the shadows quality. You want to have shadows fairly low because they are a resource hog. I found that 60 gave me enough shadow definition without impacting my performance too much.

SSAO – Off

Screen space ambient occlusion is a way of rendering shadows around objects and can be described as ‘fake shadows’ that only appear from your perspective. Turn this off, it is not needed and can have an impact on your FPS.

Contact SSAO: Off

Contact ssao controls the amount of light scattering shadows formed when a light source hits a surface.  Great for when you want to make the game look prettier but not great for FPS so turn it off!

SSR – Off

Screen Space Reflections are reflections that are created from what is in view of the player’s screen. Turn this off, it isn’t worth having it on.

Antistropic Filtering – ON

Anisotropic Filtering affects how sharp textures look at a distance, especially textures that viewed from tight angles. I like to have this on as I find some things in Escape from Tarkov can look a bit ‘off’. For the best FPS results you should turn it off but I haven’t noticed it having too much of an impact.

Antialiasing – Off

Antialiasing has been added but if you are looking to get pure FPS then you should leave this turned off.  To make the game look prettier you can turn this on.  I would recommend the following based on how powerful your rig is:

  • FXAA for low-end
  • SSAA 2x for mid-range
  • SSAA 4x for high-end PCs

Sharpen – 0.5

I have played around with the sharpen setting a lot and have settled at around 0.5. I don’t think this affects FPS at all so just use whatever you feel looks best.

Z-Blur – Off

Z-Blur is basically the blurring of an image when turning your head or sprinting. I would recommend turning this off as it doesn’t provide any advantage to have it on in the first place.

Chromatic Abberations – Off

Turn this off, it adds unnecessary noise to your image clarity and provides no benefit. It can only help to turn it off if you don’t want the image blur.

Noise – Off

Noise adds the ‘film grain’ effect to your image. Therefore I recommend turning it off as it does nothing but decrease your image clarity which can be important towards spotting players.

Extra Tips to Improve Performance And Competitiveness

I am going to try and constantly update this section with different methods to try and improve your performance.  There are a lot of suggestions out there on Reddit and the like that can have a positive impact.  If you have any please comment below and I will add it here.

Disable Flux Slow Transitioning

If you have Flux installed on your machine please disable the slow transitioning setting.  If you don’t know what Flux is then you are missing out!  Check out Flux here.  For more information on how to do this you can check my guide I wrote on how flux affects your fps.

High Can Be Better Than Low

There is a well-known issue regarding some GTX cards and Escape From Tarkov.  Some people actually experience better performance on higher settings than low.  So it is worth trying to crank your settings up and compare or benchmark your findings.

Best Settings For Visibility

If you want the very best visibility then remember to turn your shadows down low.  This makes it much easier to see players in dark areas.  Also, ensure that you follow the settings I have explained above regarding smoothing edges and reducing noise and blur on the screen to improve your image quality.

Streamer Escape From Tarkov Settings

Here are a few screenshots of some of the most popular Escape From Tarkov streamers.  Remember these settings are for their setup so bare that in mind when copying them.

Deadly Slob Tarkov Settings

DeadlySlob Tarkov Settings

Klean Tarkov Settings

Klean Tarkov Settings

Kotton Tarkov Settings

Kotton Escape From Tarkov Settings

Kotton suggests putting ‘Overall graphics quality’ to low and Anisotropic Filtering to ‘per texture’.  He runs 1440p so take that into consideration when switching up your settings.  Sharpen is personal preference and doesn’t impact fps too much.

Smoke Tarkov Settings

Smoke Escape From Tarkov Settings


So there you have it my quick and easy guide for the best Escape from Tarkov settings. Hopefully, you will see a tiny increase in your performance as that makes writing this post worthwhile.  Don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list in the sidebar so you receive instant updates to my guide as new patches roll out.

Let me know anything you have done to improve your performance in the comments below.

See you in Tarkov. Cheeki Breeki.

8 thoughts on “Best Escape From Tarkov Settings – All Settings Explained 0.11 Patch”

  1. Thanks a lot for the article. I have a i7 7700HQ CPU with a GTX 1060 6GB as well as 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 256GB SSD that Escape From Tarkov is installed on. I had some random settings that I thought my work well with my system but was getting a lot of frame drops and overall shaky play performance. I just adjusted my settings to the ones you suggested which you used on your rig and have noticed a pretty nice difference. The game feels much smoother now. I’ve noticed that aiming down sight (ADS) appears to cause a bit of lag each time but I’ve noticed that on the only major streamer I watch Deadlyslob’s stream’s as well, so it must be part of the game- maybe something they’ll work out eventually? In any case, I also applied the compatability settings you recommended in checking ‘Override high DPI scaling behaviour’ and ‘disable full-screen optimisations’. Big thank you to you for this article, and i’m sure there’s many players who are googling this information that have perfectly good PC’s that just need the right guidance in order to insure maximum performance and playability. FYI, you probably already know this but your link comes up as one of the top choices in Google when searching for this topic. Great job, and thanks again!

    • Hi Dylan, I am glad you have managed to get some benefit from the post. With Tarkov not being well optimised at the moment, it can be a bit taxing on some rigs. Hopefully, this post will help a few more people out with less powerful rigs.

  2. any way to take out the fuzziness of the game? Also if im streaming this in 720p should i use a lower bitrate so 3k or a higher one like 4k

  3. This is my specs.
    can u tell me best setting.
    i have 60htz monitor
    GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM (7.96 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60Hz Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

    • Hi Sandeep, its hard to suggest settings without being able to test them. I’d suggest turning the FPScounter on by pressing the tilde key (next to 1) and typing ‘fps 1’. Then try some settings out and see how your FPS performs. You have a pretty decent rig so you should be able to run it fine.

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