Zowie Camade Review – Can It Improve Your Aim?

A mouse bungee has been on my wish list for a while now but I have never got round to picking one up. 

I felt I had to make this Zowie Camade review since I honestly can’t live without it now, its made a great impact on the problems I was having with my setup.

If you are interested in picking one up you can check the price here.

I have a fairly small desk that I use for work and gaming and it has coarse edges which has always been a problem for my mouse cable.

It creates a lot of friction which can be really distracting and can impact my aim. To fix this I used to pin my mouse cable down with blue tac. Or hold it down with one of my pc speakers.

This worked well, but every now and again the cable would come loose due to me swiping quickly or just general gaming over time.

Having to fix your cable in between queue times or deaths in game gets very tiresome.

After using the Zowie Camade for almost two weeks now I am super impressed.

Before I get into the details, for those of you wondering whether the BenQ Zowie Camade is worth the price tag, I can confidently say yes.

If you have real issues with your mouse cable, its a sound investment towards improving your gaming experience. It has even improved my aim, I will talk about that more later.

Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee - What’s Inside?

The classic black and red branding, the Camade is actually a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be but I am happy with how practical it is.

Inside the box the Camade is enclosed inside two pieces of plastic to keep it safe and secure. There is no manual, no fuss, not that there needed to be – I mean it is just a mouse bungee after all!

Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee Inside Box

The dimensions of the Zowie Camade are as follows:
Height: 9.4-12.5cm
Width: 7.2cm
Length: 9.8cm
Weight: 245g

Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee Dimensions

The Zowie Camade comes out of the box with the adjustable spring at its lowest point.  You can see below the adjustable part of the bungee.  You push and pull the red lever to adjust the height you want.  The little notch at the bottom is an extra way to hold your cable in place.

Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee Out Of The Box

How to Setup The Zowie Camade

The Zowie Camade bungee is very straightforward to setup. Set the bungee down ensuring you leave enough room for the adjustable spring to move from side to side.

It is also important that you extend the adjustable spring to its maximum height. This gives you the most leverage for the cable.

Take your mouse cable, and measure it out so that you leave enough cable to allow you to pull your mouse to each side of your mouse mat. I use a Steelseries Qck+ so it is rather large but you want to give yourself enough cable to play with.

I tried a few different lengths until it felt comfortable so this will probably take some testing for you too.

Once you have the cable measured out, place it into the notch on the bottom of the Camade to hold it in place. Then pull the cable over and slot it into the red cable grip.

Adjust the spring to the height you want, although I recommend extending it all the way.

Easy as that!  Here is how mine looks:

Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee Setup

The Verdict - Is the Zowie Camade Worth It?

GEM Rating Award

The answer is yes.  The Zowie Camade deservedly achieves the GEM Rating Award.

Not only has the annoyance of cable grinding and friction stopped but I have noticed an obvious increase in my aim accuracy over the past few weeks.

I am playing a lot of Overwatch at the moment and primarily main hit-scan heroes.

In particular I play MCcree, so I have been using the aim accuracy metric in game and on Overbuff to see how my accuracy has changed over the past few weeks.

Before owning the Zowie Camade Bungee:


After owning the Zowie Camade Bungee:


It is a small difference but this is only over a small time span so I expect it to get better as I play more. I have a lot of hours in Overwatch so it will take some more time for the metric to average out.

The Zowie Camade bungee does come with a high price tag for what it is. I mean it is just a device to hold a cable!

But I can genuinely say it is worth the cost and once you have it you will wonder why you never had it to begin with.

There are a couple of things Zowie could do however, to improve the Camade. It could benefit from being slightly heavier.

I noticed when doing excessive swiping, such as doing 180 turns that I was pulling the Camade slightly. This was easily fixed by increasing the cable length I had but it is something to consider.

It would be nice to allow the user to customise the weight too. Maybe allow them to add in optional weights.

Another small problem is how narrow the cable grip is. My main mouse is the Zowie FK1, you can find a review I done of it here. But from time to time I also use the Logitech G403.

One downside of the Logitech G403 is that the cable is thick. The thick cable is also a problem for the Zowie Camade as I had to really squeeze and push to get it to hold.

The cable does fit, it just takes a little more force compared to my Zowie FK1. So maybe Zowie should think about increasing the width of the grip to accommodate other mice better.

Zowie Camade vs Cougar Bunker

Honourable Mention

The Cougar Bunker is another option if you are looking for a mouse bungee. It is very different from the Zowie Camade so it is worth considering both to see which one is best for you.

I am not going to go into huge detail about the Cougar Bunker but it is worth noting that it uses a ‘vacuum suction’ to stick to your desk. So it won’t move anywhere once that suction lever is pressed down!

The dimensions are as follows:
Height: 10cm
Length: 6cm
Arm Length: 10cm

It is another compact solution for a mouse bungee and is a little cheaper than the Zowie Camade.  The Cougar Bunker does not allow you to alter the height of the arm at all, it is a fixed height.  Something to consider if you are hard pressed for space.

The arm is definitely firmer than the Zowie Camade so does not provide as much flexibility but it isn’t too noticeable.

The Cougar Bunker also suffers from struggling to deal with thick mouse cables. Unlike the Zowie Camade however, it will not be compatible with a lot of Logitech mice such as the G403 I talked about earlier.

The cable is too thick to fit into the arm. The Zowie Camade struggles too but with a little perseverance you can get the cable in the grip

Overall I would recommend the Zowie Camade mouse bungee over the Cougar Bungee. I think it is higher quality and the adjustable spring is better as it provides more flexibility.

The Zowie Camade also supports the Logitech G403 and other Logitech mice which could be an important factor since these are very popular mice.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Cougar Bunker check it out here.


I hope you have found this Zowie Camade mouse bungee review helpful. I think it is a great product and wish I had picked mine up earlier. It is one of those things where once you have it you realise what you have been missing.

You can check the price here.

It is a great solution for anyone out there having trouble with their mouse cable management. The Zowie Camade bungee gets my thumbs up and deservedly achieves the GEM Rating Award.

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