Best The Cycle Frontier Settings – Max FPS

The Cycle Frontier is running on the Unreal Engine and for its current beta state it runs fairly well aside from the random stutters.  

Although I can’t fix the stutters I have been playing around with the settings to get an idea of what the best settings for The Cycle Frontier are. The settings you find below are what I have found to be the best in terms of performance, visual clarity and graphically.

In general, there are no real surprises as to how I have my settings.  If you are struggling with frames, tone the settings down, particularly shadows. 

Best The Cycle Frontier Settings Step by Step

Lets jump into the settings one by one.

General Options

Resolution Quality – 100

Only turn this down if you are really struggling for frames as it will make the game look very poor graphically.

Max FPS – Depends on your setup

The game only supports up to 144 fps maximum so if you are running a 240hz monitor you won’t get the full benefit.  Devs on the discord have said to set this to 120 maximum due to there being issues with setting it at 144hz.

Video Quality Options

Anti Aliasing – Medium

Anti aliasing will remove the jagged edges around objects in the game.  I have this set to medium as it improves the visuals and makes the map clearer.  Turn this down though to save FPS if your rig is struggling.

Draw Distance – Epic

This is the most important setting in the game.  Keep it at epic to allow you to see players as far aware as possible.  If you are struggling with FPS this would be the last setting I would change.  Try turning down your resolution scaling before this option.

Shadow Quality – Medium

Shadows are more so personal preference but I have found medium to be a good middle ground.  If you put them higher they look darker making it harder to spot people.  This is another FPS eater though so turn it down if needed.

Post Process QualityLow

Setting this to low provides the clearest image from my testing.  If you want the world to look better you can turn this up to medium.  Any higher than that though and the extra GPU demand isn’t worth the image improvement.

Texture Quality – Medium

This chews through performance so unless you have a solid card I would suggest putting this to medium.  High does make the game look a lot better but there is a tradeoff for performance.

Visual Effects Quality – Low

Turning this down to low will save on performance and provide a clearer image for seeing people.  In general I found this adds noise and unnecessary detail.  If you want the world to look better then you can turn this up but to be more competitive keep it on low.

Foliage Quality – Low

Bush wookies are a thing here too, not just in Escape From Tarkov.  For this reason I suggest turning this to low, it makes the foliage lower quality so its easier to spot people.

Advanced Options

Moving onto the advanced options most of these are fairly obvious and some are personal preference.


Please always turn this off, this doesn’t just go for The Cycle Frontier but any game. It introduces tearing so if you want to limit your fps please do so using the limiter in game.

Enable Multi Threaded Rendering – ON

I haven’t really found a difference with this setting.  I have it set to on as obviously having multi threading should provide a smoother experience.

Enable Motion Blur – OFF

The clue is in the name but turn this off as it makes your image unclear.

Image Sharpening – ON

This is more so personal preference but I have this set to ON as it makes the picture crisper.  From my testing it doesn’t affect performance so play with it to see what you like.


Hopefully you have found the settings above useful. If you have some further tweaks you have done and wish to share, please leave a comment and I can update the guide to help others.

Barry H

Barry H

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