Best Gaming Mice Grip Tape – Lizard Skins, BT.L & Hotline Games

Gaming mice mods have become more and more popular with many people trying to make their mouse as best as possible. But one aspect of gaming mice that is often forgotten about is your ability to grip your mouse.

Mouse grips such as Hotline Games or Lizard skins can be applied to different areas on your mouse to offer a significantly better grip across the whole mouse. Not only that but they can also reduce sweat which can help improve your grip even further.

With that said, what are the best mice grip manufacturers and where can you buy mice grips?

The three different mice grips that I tested are the Hotline Games grips, BT.L skins and Lizard Skins. I have tested each of these grips/skins over the course of around 20 hours of gameplay each to get an understanding of how they feel, their grip levels and their durability.

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Lizard Skins

The best durability and best grip. Lizard Skins are the clear winner but at a premium price.
Best Overall

BT.L Skins

BTL.L skins provide great skins at a cheap price. Not quite as durable or grippy as Lizard Skins.
Great Value

Hotline Games

A budget pick that still provides good grip over your stock mouse shell. Durability isn't as good as the others.
Budget Choice

Best Mouse Grips/Tape - Lizard Skins

Lizard Skins G Pro Wireless 2

Lizard skins are in a league of their own when it comes to grip and durability. They are the lightest and thinnest grips and feel great across the mouse.

Lizard skins are actually a brand of tape that is used across a multitude of different sports such as hockey and tennis. This means you can actually purchase a roll of Lizard Skins and cut the skins to the shape of your mouse. However, to do this accurately would take some time and would likely not provide the best results but would be cost effective.

An alternative is to buy them pre-cut from iTakTech and you can be sure the shape of the skins are cut exactly to the spec and dimensions of your mouse.

I tested the Lizard Skins across a variety of different games but primarily FPS games. The core things I was looking for was overall grip level, how much my hands sweat and after the testing period, how the skins held up in terms of wear and tear.

The amount I was sweating using the Lizard Skins was reduced and after the 20 hour play testing and general day to day use there was no visible wear on the skins.

You may be concerned about the weight of these skins but adding a few strips of material is going to make zero impact to your aim.  If you get used to the feel of having skins on your mouse it will make a difference to your overall grip and aim.

In terms of fit, grip, sweat reduction and durability the Lizard Skins were unmatched and they are the number 1 choice but do come at an extra cost. If you are on a budget then consider the next few options.

Great Value - BT.L Mouse Grips/Skins

Next up in second place are the BT.L skins. These feel more rubbery compared to Lizard Skins but still provide excellent grip. They are also harder to get your hands on with not very many stores stocking them.

The BT.L skins are thin and lightweight and are comparable to Lizard Skins but they didn’t reduce the amount I was sweating the same.  After around 20 hours of gameplay the skins held up well with minimal wear and tear so you should get considerable use out of 1 set of skins.

The grip they provide is solid but not as good as Lizard Skins and they feel different, almost as though they are a cheaper alternative which to a certain degree they are. If you can’t find Lizard Skins available for your mouse then BT.L skins are a decent alternative.

They are an improvement over not having skins at all but I would recommend Lizard Skins if you can stretch your budget and whether they are available.

As a budget alternative these are a great pick and will last you a considerable amount of time.

Budget Pick - Hotline Games Mouse Grips/Skins

If you are on a strict budget and just want to improve your grip more than what your stock mouse offers then Hotline’s grips have a wide selection of pre-cut grips.

The grips I tested were on the Razer Viper Ultimate and come in at 0.68mm. They felt great to begin with, offering a very grippy almost matte like finish and were a big improvement over having no grips at all.

However the Hotline Games grips did not hold up nearly as well as the Lizard Skins or BT.L grip tape. You can see from the images above the wear on the mouse buttons particularly the right mouse button which I often press hard to aim down sights quickly.

After a few weeks of use the grip has decreased considerably. It is still better than the stock plastic of the Viper Ultimate but these Hotline Games grips are not as durable as the other options on this list.  This is reflected in the price compared to Lizard Skins.


With the amount of choice on the market today it can be difficult to decide which grip/tape to go for without trying them first.

After testing each of these grips for hours on end I can comfortably recommend the Lizard Skins as the best gaming mice tape. It comes at a premium price but that is due to its quality and durability.

If you are on a budget then I would recommend opting for the BT.L tape. The grip BT.L provides is still great compared to your stock mouse without grips but the durability isn’t quite up to par with Lizard Skins.

Finally, Hotline Games offer a huge range of grips for different mice but their quality and durability are not as good compared to the other options here. If you are on a tight budget or you can’t find tape from your mouse then I would still recommend Hotline Games but only as a last resort.

Don’t forget to check out iTakTech for picking up any of these grip tapes and you can use code “GamingGem” at checkout for 10% off your order!

Barry H

Barry H

Barry is the sole writer here at GamingGem. Having played games since the age of 7 he is a gamer at heart. His mission is to make GamingGem the primary resource for gamers to find accurate and unbiased reviews on the latest gaming and tech gear.

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  1. Have you tried TrueGrip?
    I heard it was more grippy than LizardSkins especially with sweaty hands, and that unlike LizardSkins it was easy to peel off without destroying the original coating of your mouse. Their website is
    They don’t seem to have grips for every mouse though, just a dozen or two – and the mouse 1 and 2 grip pads are pretty small on most mice models for no reason at all, but they do come with a U pad to put at the back of your mouse for palm-grippers, so I guess you could just cut that into the shape of mouse 1 and 2

  2. Also, is there a big difference between the hockey LizardSkin and the bat grip LS? I’m not sure which to order from itaktech


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