Best Replacement Mice Feet – HyperGlides vs Tiger Arc vs Hotline Games

Gaming mice are improving year on year with manufacturers listening to community feedback and applying better cables and more recently, better feet. Stock mice feet are known to be particularly poor but there has been a wide adoption of better high quality PTFE feet applied to mice to improve surface glide.

But what happens when your stock feet become worn and the glide starts to become abrasive on your pad? Or maybe you don’t like the stock feet that came with your mouse? In this article I am going to cover all of the best mouse feet replacements available to you. What are the differences, which should you buy and which should you avoid.

If you still have questions about replacement mice feet check out the FAQ section at the end or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Where can I buy replacement mice feet?
iTakTech provide the largest selection of Tiger Arc and Hotline Games mice feet and are consistently in stock. You can use code "GamingGem" for 10% off your order. For Hyperglides & Corepad Amazon or MaxGaming are your best choice but availibility and stock is often limited.

Tiger Arc/Arc2

Great glide, great price and durable. Also widely available at iTakTech. These are my top pick.
Best Value


Fast glide and high durability. Hyperglides are overpriced though and hard to find.
Fastest Glide

Best Mouse Feet Replacements

Below is a list of each manufacturer and what they have to offer.  A few important aspects to consider when picking your replacement mice feet is:

  • Glide:  Do you want a fast glide, slow glide, controlled glide?
  • Rounded Edges: Some mice feet are not rounded which means they can be scratchy and take a while to “break-in”.
  • Thickness: The thicker the feet then the more durable they are however it also means they raise the distance between your mouse sensor and pad.  So be mindful of this if you have a high lift off distance.
  • Required Break-In: Some mice feet require you to use them for between 5-20 hours before they start to feel smooth.

Best All Rounder - Tiger Arc Mouse Feet/Skates

Tiger Arc2 Gaming Mouse Feet Contents

Tiger Arc or just ‘Tiger’ as they are often referred to as, are your next go to for replacement mice feet. Tiger Arc feet are made out of a blend of PTFE feet they are not 100% PTFE feet like Hyperglides.

Tiger has two main product lines for their feet called the ‘Arc’ and ‘Arc2’. The Arc2 is their newer more premium version of their feet which has a smoother, faster glide compared to the Arc.  The Arc2 feet are also thicker, more durable and are white in colour whereas the Arc feet are a dyed silver/grey and thinner.

Inside the Tiger Arc envelope you get alcohol pads to help clean any existing sticky residue after removing your existing feet. With the Arc2 series you only get 1 set of feet compared to the Arc’s 2. The Arc2 feet are cheaper than HyperGlides but not by much so it’s a shame that Tiger only offers 1 set of feet.

The Arc and Arc2 feet are between 0.6mm and 0.8mm thick and testing these side by side next to the Hyperglides/Coredpads I found they came very close in terms of glide. If you were to put two of the same mice in front of me, one with HyperGlides & one with Tiger Arc2 feet I would not be able to tell the difference.

One of the major advantages you have with the Tiger feet is that they offer a huge range of choice across most mice. Tiger are also very fast at releasing new mice feet for the latest mice releases, something HyperGlide is notoriously bad at.

Tiger feet are the best in terms of value and availability.

HyperGlide Mouse Feet/Skates - Fast Glide & Expensive

Hyperglide Mice Feet

Hyperglide has been around for a while and from my testing they offered the fastest glide (which doesn’t mean better). They are made from 100% Virgin Grade Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and are thicker than stock mice feet (0.8/0.9mm) which improves their durability and prevents the abrasive feeling you get after long term use of stock mice feet.

Hyperglides provide the best glide and the best durability, however, they are hard to find in stock and they only provide feet for a limited amount of mice. Hyperglide are also slow to create new lines of mice feet for newly released mice.

HyperGlides are the most expensive mice feet because they have earned a name for themselves having been around for years and popular among pro players.  From my testing, HyperGlides are overpriced and you can get a similar glide and feel with Corepads or Tiger Arc2 feet.

I would recommend HyperGlides if you want the fastest glide possible.

Corepad Mouse Feet/Skates - Best HyperGlide Alternative

Corepad Gaming Mouse Feet

Another great option for mice feet is Corepad’s wide selection of feet which are 100% PTFE feet the same as HyperGlides.  They specialise in speed instead of control for the glide and have a thickness of between 0.7mm and 0.8mm.

Corepad are very quick at ensuring they have mice feet for all the latest releases.  The feet require a break in time though so keep this in mind when you first install them.

Inside the Corepad packet you get the 2 sets of feet but no alcohol pads or wipe so you will need to ensure you remove the leftover residue using something else.

Corepad’s feet are identical in terms of speed and glide compared to HyperGlides from my testing.  So if you are looking for speed then I would recommend finding the cheapest and most available feet between Corepad or HyperGlide.

Budget Pick - Hotline Games Mouse Feet/Skates

If you are on a tighter budget or there is limited stock of HyperGlides and Tiger feet then Hotline Games offer a wide range of high quality feet.

These are not 100% PTFE feet like the HyperGlides but are ‘Silver Treated PTFE’ and contain a silver lubricant to assist the glide.

Inside the packet of Hotline’s feet you are supplied with:

  • 2-4 sets of replacement mice feet
  • 1 cloth for wiping sticky residue
  • Alcohol pads for cleaning leftover residue from old feet

In terms of thickness Hotline Games provide a few options ranging from 0.28mm to 0.6mm and up to 0.8mm. Depending on your mouse’s lift off distance you may want to be careful applying the thicker 0.8mm.

Overall the feet provide a slower glide compared to HyperGlides and Tiger feet. The glide itself though is just as smooth so if you prefer a more controlled glide then definitely consider the Hotline Games feet.

The competition level feet take some ‘breaking in’ so the glide improves after around 6-12 hours of play time.

Overall for the price you can’t go wrong with Hotline Games. They provide excellent value mouse feet with a more controlled glide. They should be considered alongside the Tiger Arc feet if you found HyperGlides too fast.


When it comes to replacement mice feet HyperGlide & Corepad are the fastest in terms of glide.  However, a fast glide is not for everyone as you may be less accurate until you become used to them.

HyperGlides are also very difficult to find in stock for your mouse and they don’t supply most of the new mice releases until months later and sometimes not at all.

Tiger or Hotline games both offer great replacement feet at varying thicknesses, they are widely available and at a reasonable price.  They offer more of a controlled glide compared to Hyperglides & Corepad so its worth checking these out if you prefer a slower glide.  These are your also your best choice if you are on a budget.

Tiger Arc and Arc2 are my recommended choice due to their glide, durability and price.  Click here for prices.


See below for some frequently asked questions about replacement mice feet.

Will buying replacement mice feet improve my aim?

Not necessarily, in fact putting on replacement mice feet may reduce your accuracy initially until you break in the mice feet and get used to their new glide.

Since aftermarket feet provide a much better glide your mouse will move faster across your pad causing you to overshoot your shots.  However, once you get used to speed the mouse feels much better.

What are the alcohol pads for that came with my replacement mouse feet?

The alcohol pads are for cleaning any leftover residue on your mouse after removing your old mice feet.  You want to ensure the plastic beneath your old feet is as clean as possible to ensure your new feet stick firmly and last longer.

My old mice feet are stuck, how can I remove them to put my new ones on?

To help remove old mice feet you can use a hairdryer and set it to hot.  Then blow the hair dryer onto each foot until they are hot, this will melt the stickiness of the feet and make them easy to remove.  Be careful no to heat the entire mouse up or you could affect the internals.

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