G Wolves Hati Review – A Copied Mouse Worth Trying

G Wolves have a winning formula.  Take what already works but make it lighter.  There are a few build quality concerns but overall the G Wolves Hati is a solid pick up for palm and claw grip players.



G Wolves have become increasingly popular due to their adoption of very popular gaming mice shapes. Their first mouse (The Skoll) copied the shape of the Zowie EC series with some minor tweaks.

As for the G Wolves Hati, they have done something similar by copying one of my favourite mice, the Logitech G Pro Wireless. There are some subtle differences which I’ll get into later but first let’s dive into the specifications so you can get a better idea of this mouse.

Don’t forget to check out the comparison section at the bottom of the article where I compare the G Wolves Hati vs Logitech G Pro Wireless, Model O and Razer Viper Ultimate.  This will hopefully help you decide between each of these top-end mice.

Check the video review below for a more eyes-on look at the G Wolves Hati.

G Wolves Hati Specifications

First thing to note is that the G Wolves Hati is not strictly an ambidextrous mouse. It has an ambidextrous shape but there are only side buttons on the left side of the mouse so left hand players will not be able to use this mouse unless they don’t need the side buttons.

At 61g the G Wolves Hati is another lightweight mouse contender. However, it is not as light as the Model O– (58g). Here is quick overview of the specifications:


Size & Dimensions


G Wolves has basically mirrored the highly popular G Pro Wireless shape. From the flat side grips to the gradual hump the Hati is a lighter, wired version of Logitech’s best mouse. It is 19g lighter to be exact which is a huge difference when you have each of these mice in your hand.

Even the side buttons, which will be discussed later, are an exact copy in terms of shape. The overall shape of the Hati is suited towards palm and claw grip players with small to medium sized hands.

It is almost identical to the G Pro Wireless in terms of size, the G Wolves Hati is slightly narrower but not by a noticeable amount (around 0.04mm). It is also marginally lower too by around 0.05mm.

However, these measurements are not significant enough to make a difference to your aim or overall performance.


G Wolves Hati Sensor

The G-Wolves Hati uses the PMW 3360 which is a top quality optical sensor. It is comparable to all the other top-end sensors such as the PMW3366, Logitech’s HERO sensor and Razer’s Focus+ sensor.

It offers DPI values up to 12,000 which can be configured on the mouse using the DPI button.

Having playtested the mouse for over 100 hours of gameplay there were zero spin-outs, jitter skipping or any noticeable performance issues.

Today, most mice sensors are flawless particularly any sensor from the top gaming brands and any iteration of the PMW series of sensors. Keep this in mind when selecting your mouse so you are sure the sensor will perform well.

Buttons & Side Grips

The G-Wolves Hati uses TTC Golden Micro switches for the primary clicks which are one of the first mice to use these switches. They are rated at 20 million clicks and feel very tactile however they are a lot louder than your typical mouse clicks.

This has not had an impact on the mouse’s performance but some might find it distracting. Some users over at /r/mousereview have even switched out their Logitech G Pro Wireless’ mouse switches for these TTC Golden Micro switches because of their quality.

As for the overall structure and quality of the primary mouse buttons they do have a small amount of wobble. This is something that has been widely reported with the G-Wolves Hati so please ensure you buy through Amazon to ensure you get a quick and easy replacement if your copy has any mouse wobble.

Aside from the small amount of wobble on the primary clicks they do feel crisp and tactile. Personally, I prefer huano and omron switches but the TTC Micro switches are still great. This is more of a personal preference thing.

The primary buttons also have minimal pre-travel and post-travel which is difficult to do with mouse buttons that are separate from the shell so props to G-Wolves here.

The scroll wheel is light and has even steps however it did have some rattle on my copy.  It does provide excellent grip compared to most mice in this price range thanks to the dimples across it.

Grip Style & Size Recommendations

Palm Grip Example
Fingertip Grip Example

The G-Wolves Hati is a small to medium sized mouse suited towards palm and claw grip players or fingertip players with larger hands.

Due to the hump on the mouse it provides solid support for palm grip players while still being low profile enough for claw grip players to not find it too intrusive.

The G Wolves Hati is going to be too small for palm grip players with hands larger than around 18.5cm. For reference my hands are 17.5cm x 9cm so that should give you an idea of how large your hands will be on the mouse.

Texture & Coating

The Hati has a matte texture to the shell and the side grips have a nice finish to them which provides extra grip. If you find that the matte texture doesn’t provide enough grip you can always use the grip tape to help with this.

There is grip tape supplied both for the primary mouse buttons and the side grips.  See above for an example of the tape which is surprisingly good quality considering they are provided for free.


G-Wolves currently has one of the best stock mice cables on the market. The only other mouse that comes close to the flexibility of the G-Wolves Hati cable is the CoolerMaster MM710. The cable is very flexible and if you bungee it then the mouse basically feels wireless.

The cable is one of the best things about the G Wolves Hati so if you haven’t used a mouse with a paracord before then you will be impressed with how it changes the feel of your mouse.

G Wolves have also been nice enough to provide a spare cable inside the box which is a first for gaming mice.

Mouse Feet

G Wolves Hati Sensor

The mouse feet are good but not the best available. They glide nicely on slow and fast surfaces but there are better mouse feet out there. If you decide to get the G Wolves Hati and find the mouse feet don’t glide smoothly then definitely consider picking up some after-market mouse feet.


The durability of the G Wolves Hati does raise a few concerns considering the wobble of the primary mouse clicks and the fact that some users have complained about a loose scroll wheel. The mouse was playtested for over 100 hours and showed no signs of wear and tear but there are some concerns about quality control.


G Wolves provide their own software where you can customise the mapping of the main buttons but the overall functionality is fairly basic. You can also configure the DPI settings and create macros. The software isn’t the most user friendly but it does the job without any problems.

Mice Comparisons

You may have a few other gaming mice on your radar that you are interested in. The following section aims to help you decide between the other likely contenders on your list.

G-Wolves Hati vs Logitech G Pro Wireless

This has been covered throughout the article but if you are stuck deciding between these two mice there are few core differences to consider. First, are you bothered about using a wired or wireless mouse?

The G Pro Wireless is considerably more expensive than the G-Wolves Hati because its wireless. But it is also better built and offers better clicks. The G Pro Wireless also has modular side buttons which can be switched out and is suitable for left handed players.

However, if you bungee the G-Wolves Hati the mouse feels wireless anyway so you need to decide whether the better clicks and build quality of the G Pro Wireless is worth the extra cost.

G-Wolves Hati vs Glorious Model O

The Glorious Model O is the best budget mouse you can get and even though it is a budget mouse it still features high on my list of the best mice available. It offers the exact same features as the G-Wolves Hati with a few differences.

There are two versions of the Model O to consider, the regular Model O and the Model O Minus. If you have small hands go for the Model O Minus, otherwise the Model O will be a better size for you.

The Model O is suited more towards claw grip and fingertip players. It has a lower profile compared to the G-Wolves Hati so if the mouse hump is important to you then you may want to consider the Hati over the Model O.

Overall I think the Model O is a better mouse because of the features it offers at the price point. You can almost get 2 Model O’s for the price of one G-Wolves Hati.  If you are interested in picking one up you can check the latest prices here.

The only reason I would recommend a G-Wolves Hati over a Glorious Model O is if you have medium to large sized hands and palm grip. Otherwise, grab yourself a Glorious Model O/Model O Minus.

G-Wolves Hati vs Razer Viper / Razer Viper Ultimate

At the time of writing this article, the Razer Viper Ultimate is the best gaming mouse available at the moment. The difference between the Razer Viper and Razer Viper Ultimate is that the Razer Viper Ultimate is wired and has worse mouse feet, that is all.

Razer’s Viper series have solid clicks, an amazing shape and crisp and tactile side buttons. The Razer Viper Ultimate does come at a high cost though. As an alternative the Razer Viper offers much of the same benefits but at half the price and around the same price as the G-Wolves Hati.

The G-Wolves Hati has a better cable than the Razer Viper but that is the only feature where it wins. The Viper series beats the G-Wolves Hati in terms of clicks, shape and mouse feet. The Razer Viper is better for claw and fingertip players but the G-Wolves Hati is still more suited for palm grip players.


G-Wolves are onto a winning formula here by taking what already works, putting holes in the shell to make it more lightweight and selling it at a competitive price. The G-Wolves Hati is a good mouse for the price and offers nice tactile clicks with a great shape. If you have been considering the G Pro Wireless but it is outside your budget then the G-Wolves Hati is a great alternative.

However, be aware of some of the build quality and durability issues and consider some of the alternative suggestions mentioned above in the comparison section.

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