How To Get The Gamma Container In Escape From Tarkov

If you are getting into Escape From Tarkov you are probably wondering how to get a better secure container.  There are a number of different secure containers available in the game each of which can be obtained in different ways.

How To Get The Gamma Secure Container

How to get the gamma container

To get the gamma container in Escape From Tarkov you need to purchase the Edge of Darkness edition (EoD) of the game.  It is quite expensive at around $120 or 109 euros.  There are often sales on however so keep an eye out for them as the EoD edition will normally be 20% off.

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Along with the gamma container you also get the following with the Edge Of Darkness Edition:

  • Guaranteed instant access to closed beta
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • Huge size of stash (10×66)
  • Additional equipment and resources in stash:
    • Tactical Tomahawk
    • tactical rig x2 (depends on selected faction)
    • backpack x2 (Tri-Zip – 5×6 cells)
    • Unique secure gamma-container (3×3)
    • Grach or P226 pistol x4 (depends on selected faction)
    • pistol magazines x12
    • pistol ammo x180
    • Makarov Pistol x3
    • pistol magazines x9
    • pistol ammo x150
    • canned meat x8
    • bottled water x6
    • AI-2 medkit x9
    • bandages x9
    • splint x9
    • 400k roubles
    • AKS74U+2 loaded magazines
    • АК74N+2 loaded magazines
    • Salewa first aid kit
    • RGD-5 grenade х2
    • SMG Vityaz or HK MP5 + 2 loaded magazines (depending on selected faction)
    • 3000 dollars
    • Kiver helmet
    • Pilad reflex sight
    • IFAK first aid kit
    • АК74 M1-B Ultimak handguard
    • Grizzly first aid kit
    • Alfa tactical rig
    • morphine injector х2
    • SV98 sniper rifle + 1 loaded magazine
    • Silencerco Hybrid 46 silencer
    • Silencerco Hybrid 46 silencer adaptor
    • pistol case (3×3)
    • 6B43 6А body armor
    • MPX submachine gun + 2 loaded magazines
    • M4 LVOA-S handguard
  • Initially good standing with all in-game traders
  • Unique in-game ID
  • Free access to all subsequent DLCs (Season pass)

What Can I Put Inside The Gamma Container?

The gamma secure container can fit the following items:

  • Keytool
  • Documents case
  • Wallet
  • Dogtag case
  • Small S I C C case
  • Loot
  • Provisions
  • Meds
  • Melee weapons
  • Weapon mods (No thermals or special mounts)
  • Currency
  • Keys & Maps
  • Throwables
  • Ammo & paper ammo boxes
  • Armbands
  • Face cover
  • Visors
  • Armor vests
  • Headsets
  • MS2000 Marker
  • Signal Jammer
  • WIFI Camera
  • Leatherman Multitool

Can I Buy The Gamma Container On The Flea Market?

Previously this used to be possible and some players would abuse this by creating their account, selling their gamma container on the market and then giving their money to a friend to transfer later.  

You can no longer list any secure container on the flea market.  Whether this was a business decision to try and sell more edge of darkness accounts I don’t know.  Overall however this is a positive thing for the game to avoid the abuse of selling containers on the flea market.

Can I Get The Gamma Container Through Quests?

The gamma container cannot be obtained through quests, only from purchasing the Edge of Darkness edition.  

The Epsilon secure container & the Kappa secure container can both be acquired from completing quests.  The Epsilon container is 4×2 in size whereas the Kappa is the largest container at 3×4.

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