How To Get The Kappa Secure Container In Escape From Tarkov

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Kappa secure container
Kappa Secure Container: 4x3 Grid - 12 Inventory Slots

The secure Kappa container in Escape from Tarkov is the end game secure container that can be obtained after finishing Fence’s quest Collector. See below for the items you are required to find.

The requirements to unlock Collector quest according to the Wiki are the following:
Complete ALL Quests except:
Regulated materialsNo offenceTrust regainLoyalty buyoutHippocratic VowMentorThe stylish one and An apple a day – keeps the doctor away

The multiple choice quests such as Supply plans & Kind of sabotage count as completed.

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What Can The Kappa Container Contain?

Documents case
Dogtag case
Small S I C C case
Weapon mods (Besides special scopes and some mounts)
Keys & Maps
MS2000 Marker
Signal Jammer
WIFI Camera
Leatherman Multitool

Fence's Quest 'Collector' Objectives

To get the Kappa secure container you need to collect the following items IN RAID.

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