How To Get The Kappa Container In Escape From Tarkov

Kappa secure container
Kappa Secure Container: 4x3 Grid - 12 Inventory Slots

The secure Kappa container in Escape from Tarkov is the end game secure container that can be obtained after finishing Fence’s quest Collector.   There is a series of quests you must complete and a list of items that must be found in raid that you hand over.

I used to keep this section updated with the list of quests that must be completed but they are constantly changing with each game update.  The easiest way to check this is via the wiki which shows whether a particular quest is required for the kappa or not:

Required For Kappa


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What Can The Kappa Container Contain?

Key tool
Documents case
Dogtag case
S I C C organizational pouch
Weapon mods (Besides magazines, special scopes and some mounts)
Keys, Keycards & Maps
MS2000 Marker
Signal Jammer
WI-FI Camera
Leatherman Multitool

Fence's Quest 'Collector' Objectives

To get the Kappa secure container you need to collect the following items IN RAID.  Images for these items can be found easily on the wiki.

Reach level 55
Find Old firesteel in raid
Find Antique axe in raid
Find Battered antique book in raid
Find FireKlean gun lube in raid
Find Golden rooster in raid
Find Silver Badge in raid
Find Deadlyslob’s beard oil in raid
Find Golden 1GPhone smartphone in raid
Find Jar of DevilDog mayo in raid
Find Can of sprats in raid
Find Fake mustache in raid
Find Kotton beanie in raid
Find Raven figurine in raid
Find Pestily plague mask in raid
Find Shroud half-mask in raid
Find Can of Dr. Lupo’s coffee beans in raid
Find 42 Signature Blend English Tea in raid
Find Veritas guitar pick in raid
Find Evasion armband in raid
Find Can of RatCola soda in raid
Find Loot Lord plushie in raid
Find WZ Wallet in raid
Find LVNDMARK’s rat poison in raid
Find Smoke balaclava in raid
Find Missam forklift key in raid
Find Video cassette with the Cyborg Killer movie in raid
Find BakeEzy cook book in raid
Find JohnB Liquid DNB glasses in raid
Find Glorious E lightweight armored mask in raid
Find Baddie’s red beard in raid
Find DRD body armor in raid
Find Gingy keychain in raid
Find Golden egg in raid
Find Press pass (issued for NoiceGuy) in raid
Find Axel parrot figurine in raid
Find BEAR Buddy plush toy in raid

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