Marauders: How To Find The Gold Ring On Asteroid Mine

The quest Brigand Service tasks you with collecting the gold ring on the Asteroid Mine map. This ring is hard to find as it is on the very lower levels of the map which you may not know exist unless you fully explore the map. The routes down to this area are not obvious but in this guide I am going to walk you through how to find the gold ring on asteroid mine from each docking area.

How To Identify The Asteroid Mine Map

Asteroid Mine Map – Try to enter on the left side

The Asteroid Mine map can be easily identified by the huge rock. Around the rock you will see a machine in the shape of a +. At the center of the + you will see a yellow docking area. You can dock on any part of the mine however I recommend the left side of the mine if you are looking at it from the perspective above.

How To Find The Gold Ring

Once you have docked and exited your ship you need to find the docking door 4D. Check your door when you exit, if you are at 4D then you are in the best spot to get to the ring first. Skip to the ‘How to find Foreman’s office from Docking Door 4D section below’.

If you are not at this door then please see below where I have provided a guide for how to get to docking door 4D from each docking area on this side.

How To Find Docking Door 4D

Follow the steps and video below depending on the docking bay you exit from. The beginning of each section below in the article states where in the video to start from.

Video Guide

Docking Door 1A

Start the video from the beginning.

From docking door 1A you are on the far right hand side of the map. Come out the door and turn immediately to your left. Go down the stairs and up the stairs on the other side. Hug the left hand side wall and keep running where you will go up and over a small set of metal stairs.

Go around the corner and you will find docking door 1B. Keep following the steps below from Docking door 1B.

Docking Door 2B

Start the video from 00:18.

Export Door

From docking door 1B run left and through the big hole. Take a right on the other side and run up the steep metal ramp where there will be trucks parked at the top. This is the security area of the map. Take a left and go behind the trucks. Open the door labelled Export at the top. In this room there will be a conveyor belt.

Jump on the conveyor belt and out the other side, take an immediate left and run down the metal stairs. At the bottom of the stairs you should see docking door 3C.

Docking Door 3C

Start the video from 00:53

Docking door 4D in distance from around the corner of 3D

If you spawn at the 3C exit, run to your left to find 4D. This is the easiest docking bay exit to find 4D from. Once you turn the corner from docking door 3D you should see 4D in the distance on the left hand side.

How To Find The Foreman’s Office From Docking Door 4D

Start the video from 1:06

Through the metal beams

From docking door 4D as you exit, run left and straight ahead (don’t go towards the lit up generator). Follow the cave through the metal beams. Be careful as there are many NPCs that spawn here.

Down these stairs past the forklift

Keep following the cave all the way to the end and you will come out to an open area with a forklift carrying stuff (pictured on the right in the image above). Go past the forklift and take a hard left (180). You will see a set of metal stairs. Follow the stairs all the way to the bottom.

Foreman’s Office

Once at the bottom, the foreman’s office will be directly in front of you but be very careful for NPCs as they spawn around this area.

The Gold Ring In The Foreman’s Office

Foreman’s Gold ring

Go through the foreman’s office door and on the left there will be a table. On top of the table you should see the gold ring. Please note that if the ring is not there that means that another player has already looted it. It has a 100% spawn rate so you should always be able to find it if you are first there.

If you brought in lockpicks with you check under the table for the safe for extra loot.

Do not die with the ring otherwise you cannot complete the quest.

Extra Top Tier Loot

If you want to make the most of the trip down in the drilling area then go down the stairs that are outside the front of the foreman’s office. Take a hard right and go down the second set of stairs and at the bottom you should see two bodies. There is often a panzer armor that spawns here and this is where you can get the nickel ore for another quest. It is always worth checking this area.

You can sometimes get lockpicks off of the orange dead body which you can use to unlock the safe in the foreman’s office or the security area the level above the foreman’s office.


Hopefully you found this guide helpful please feel free to share this and if you have any questions leave a comment below.

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