Marauders: Activate The Air Processor On Asteroid Mine

The Marauders daily quests are currently quite limited which means you will regularly end up having to complete the same ones each day. One of the easiest quests asks you to activate the air processor on the asteroid mine. This can be found on the asteroid mine map. Follow the guide below to help you find it.

What Does The Asteroid Mine Map Look Like


The Asteroid Mine is a map in Marauders which looks like a huge piece of rock with a machine wrapped around it (the mine). The best entry point to get to the air processing unit is via the dock to the right of the docking area you see in the image above.

How To Find The Air Processor On Asteroid Mine

The switch to activate the air processor can be found at the following coordinates:

X=65, Y,-955, Z=500

Follow the video and screenshots below for an easy step by step walkthrough to get to these coordinates.

Video Tutorial to find the air processor

After you enter the right side dock you should hopefully spawn on the lower level of the asteroid mine. Please follow the video above if you happen to spawn in the same place. The easiest way to find the ramp is to navigate around the rocky level of the mine until you find the following ramp to the refinery:

Ramp to refinery

Go up the ramp and follow it all the way through to the other side and drop down the gap as shown in the bottom left of the picture below:

After dropping down the gap turn immediately to your left 90 degrees and you will see a red furnace door. Run towards the door and you will see stairs on your left just before it. Go up these stairs and turn right. You will see a red door with the word ‘Air’ above it like below:

Air Red Door

Go through the door and there will be a second door, go through that as well. Follow the metal rail floor all the way around to the end and on your right will be the ‘Air Process’ door as shown below:

Air Process Door

Go through the door and immediately to you right will be the air processing unit. Press F here for 5 seconds to complete the daily quest.

Activate Air Processing Unit

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