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A top-end gaming chair that provides some of the best comfort and back support for a reasonable price.

There are so many gaming chairs to pick from nowadays it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you.  Genesis has a wide range of chairs available for different needs, today we are going to take a look at their top of the range chair.

The chair has a range of features offered by most gaming chair race-style designs but how does Genesis’ chairs compare to the leaders in the market such as DxRacer, Maxnomic and Secretlab?

Genesis Nitro 950 Setup

Overall the Nitro 950 was easy to put together, it is assembled exactly the same as most of the other racing style gaming chairs.

The most difficult part of these chairs to assemble is the backrest. It must be aligned with the metal brackets correctly in order for the screws to go in. This is where having a second person to help you align it is useful.

How To Setup The Genesis Nitro 950 Step by Step

1. Attaching The Wheels

The first step is to attach the wheels to base plate. This is easily done by inserting the metal rod into the hole and applying pressure until it clicks.

2. Align Backrest With Seat

Nitro 950 Align Backrest

The instructions tell you to add the main mechanism piece to the base of the chair but this makes it infinitely more difficult to align the backrest with the seat so I recommend you do this afterwards as it makes it a lot easier.

This is where a second person comes in handy. You must align the backrest with the metal brackets attached to the seat. Be careful to not pull the lever as this will cause the spring mechanism to spring back and can be dangerous.

Make sure you check the holes where the screws go first before putting the screws in. My chair had fluff inside the screw holes from where the drill had obviously pushed material into the holes.  Try to remove this as to avoid threading issues with the screws.

Once you have the backrest aligned, screw in the screws on either side and you are good to go.

3. Now Add The Base Mechanism

Nitro 950 Base

The main base mechanism should be attached next. This is done easily using 4 screws however ensure you do this the correct way because my instructions actually had it the wrong way around.

The cylinder part should be at the back of the chair otherwise the chair legs will protrude out once you put the chair together.

4. Screw In Plastic Bracket Covers

Nitro 950 Screw in plastic bracket covers

There are two plastic covers that will go over the top of the brackets to cover the metal and screws. You need to align these up and then screw them on. This is a little annoying to line up the screws but just persevere.

5. Slot Backrest and Seat Into Wheel Base

Slot Backrest And Seat Into Wheel Base

Next, pick up the chair and align it with the wheel base and place it so that the piston goes into the hole in the base mechanism.

The weight should allow the chair to slot in nicely, if not apply firm pressure to the seat to ensure it is fitted correctly.

6. Push Side Paddles Onto Tilt Mechanism Levers

Ensure that you align the side paddle grooves (you can see them on the inside) correctly with the ridges on the metal bars protruding out from the base mechanism.

If you force the side paddles on you can fray them as they are only plastic which can make it really difficult to adjust the chair.

Genesis Nitro 950 Features and Specifications

Let’s take a closer look at the features in more detail.  How comfortable is it, is it breathable and how durable is it?

Nitro 950 Height and Weight Restrictions

The maximum capacity for the Nitro 950 is 150kg so it will fit the majority of people easily. There are no size guidelines available on the website but the seat isn’t too deep and the height is very customisable so it should fit most people that are at least 5 ft or bigger.

How Comfortable Is Genesis Nitro 950?

Genesis Nitro 950 Seat

Having tested the chair for a while now this is the most comfortable gaming chair i’ve owned. I have tested chairs from Secretlab and Vertagear and I’m really surprised by the comfort the Nitro 950 provides.

I was sceptical of the chair before receiving it as I had never heard of it but it’s definitely going to be my daily driver from now on.

The lumbar pillow is really comfortable and provides a lot more support compared to the adjustable lumbar supports that are built into the back of some other gaming chair models.

It doesn’t slip down either which is something I found really irritating about some gaming chairs. What is surprising too is that the lumbar support doesn’t even have straps to hold it in place. The leather and measurements of the pillow compared to the backrest allows it to stay in place for long gaming sessions.

Adjustable Backrest Tilt

Genesis Nitro 950 Tilt

As standard with all gaming race chairs, there is full backrest tilt of up to 165 degrees allowing you to recline and relax. There is also the ability to lock the chair in a position too if you want to sit back and chill.

How About The Quality Of The Leather?

Genesis Nitro 950 Leather

The Nitro 950 uses PU leather which is again the most common type of leather used across these types of chairs. The leather itself is durable and the stitching is consistent. So far from my testing, none of the leather has warped or stretched.

As for spills, the leather doesn’t absorb the liquid and it can be easily washed off using a warm cloth.

Lumbar Support Pillow

Most gaming chairs have lumbar pillows that are attached by straps but the Nitro 950 has a loose pillow which I thought might slip down all the time but to my surprise it slips less than the pillows that use straps.

If fits really tightly into the backrest which helps keep it in place. The pillow itself is really comfortable and provides great support for the lower back.

4D Arm Rests

Genesis Nitro 950 4d Armrests

One of the great features of the Nitro 950 is the 4D armrests which allow you to position them exactly how you want.

They can twist left and right allowing you to position them so that you can support your elbow while gaming.

They can also be moved backwards and forwards and up and down so that you can get them in the perfect position for your desk height.

My main worry with the plastic 4d armrests is their durability. So far with the gaming chairs I have owned they have held up well.

The Wheel Base

The wheel base feels strong and sturdy and I like the little grips on the edge of each spoke where you can put your feet. A lot of chairs don’t have this so you end up wearing down the spokes.

As for the wheels they are difficult to move around on carpet, not very free rolling. However, they do have breaks on each wheel which is a nice addition I haven’t seen on the other chairs I have tested.

Head Pillow

All gaming chairs come with a head rest pillow. Personally I have never been a fan of them as they push my head forward and usually rest on my neck which isn’t comfortable.

The pillow that comes with the Nitro 950 is really nice and soft and feels high quality. It’s not too padded which is a problem I have found with other chairs.

Genesis Nitro 950 Pros and Cons

Now that I have covered the setup and features let me break down the pros and cons of the chair for you. That way you know exactly what you are getting and whether or not the chair is for you.

What I Liked - The Pros

The Nitro 950 is built to last and feels really sturdy and strong. It is extremely comfortable which is all you can ask for in any kind of chair. The seat is padded and you feel as though you are sinking into the chair.

The backrest of the chair is also soft behind the shoulder blades. Many gaming chairs don’t have this kind of padding here so a big plus for the Nitro 950 on this one.

The 4d armrests are great and provide plenty of customisation to position them exactly where you want. My only worry is the durability of them as I always feel these kinds of armrests feel a little flimsy.

The lumbar support pillow has been a great help to my back pain. The previous chair I used was too big for me and it meant I had little to no support behind my lower back.

The lumbar pillow fits nicely against the backrest and props my lower back up allowing me to sit comfortably for longer.

What I Didn't Like - The Cons

There are few things that I think Genesis could improve with the Nitro 950. Firstly, the wheels are very stiff and hard to roll across carpet.

When you first get the chair the leather really smells. I get that its PU leather and that leather can have a smell with it but the Nitro 950 did create a leathery smell in my office for nearly a week.

The paddles to control the lock and the height are a too flimsy for my liking. Many gaming chairs use these paddles but they are plastic and can fray easily. It would be better if they had a metal interior to prevent this from happening.

Although I do really like the 4d armrests they do feel firm. It would be nice if Genesis added a bit more padding to them to make the extra comfortable.

This is more of a personal thing but the aesthetics of the chair aren’t to my taste. Particularly the shape of the backrest looks a little strange to me. However the chair is too comfortable for me to get too hung up on its aesthetics.

The Verdict

A top-end gaming chair that provides some of the best comfort and back support for a reasonable price.

Overall I am really surprised by Genesis’ Nitro 950. I didn’t expect it to be as comfortable as it is but its probably going to be my new daily driver.

The back support it provides along with the customisation is what makes the chair so versatile. There are a few things that could be improved but overall the Nitro 950 is a solid gaming chair and I recommend it to anyone looking to pick up a new racing style chair.

Barry H

Barry H

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  1. hi, is it possible to give more details on how to adjust the height of the chair because i can’t find the prper way to do it.

  2. Hello, how is that pu leather holding up? One of my greatest concerns is having that pu leather crack after 2-3 years like my older chair did. (chair is currently priced 200eur where i live) Your thoughts on that?


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