XTRFY M4 Mouse Review – An Ergonomic Masterclass

A unique shape with highly responsive and tactile primary clicks.  XTRFY has created one of, if not the best ergonomic gaming mice available right now



XTRFY has created one of the best ergonomic mice available right now.

When it comes to lightweight gaming mice there is a growing list of ambidextrous options available but for those of you ergonomic mouse lovers you are limited in choice. Do not worry though as XTRFY has your back with their latest release of the XTRFY M4.

In this XTRFY M4 review we are going to walk through all the intricacies this mouse has to offer to see whether or not this is a lightweight ergnomic gaming mouse that should be on your radar.

Before we dive in, each part of the mouse is going to be broken down into separate categories so feel free to skip to the section you are more interested in.

XTRFY M4 Specifications


Size & Dimensions

At 69g the XTRFY M4 is one of the lightest ergonomic mice you can get right now. It is also surprisingly small compared to other ergonomic options out there.  

For this reason it is recommended for hand sizes less than 20cm.  If you have larger hands then consider the G Wolves Skoll instead. 

For comparison, it is similar in size to the Endgame XM1 & Model O Minus which are both are 120mm long.


As ergonomic mice go the XTRFY M4 has set itself apart from the rest of the group. It has a very unique shape that at first felt unusual but I soon grew to love. It has the usual right side slope which gives you extra room for your ring finger and pinky to rest.

But it is the left side that is most interesting.

At the front, it is your typical mouse shape with it gently flaring outwards but at the back it has an aggressive curve outwards. The same area also has a steep slope from the back of the hump down to the bottom of the mouse.

At first, gripping this mouse felt unusual because I have never tested a mouse with a shape like this. This is what sets the XTRFY M4 apart from the rest. After a few hours I started to get to grips with it (sorry I know) and the mouse started working for me.

The shape is not for everyone though because of the slope I felt that my thumb was being positioned lower on the left side grip. This meant I needed to move my thumb further to press the side buttons. 

If you like to roll your thumb upwards towards your side buttons you might find that more difficult on this mouse. This is not a game-breaker by any means but you should be aware of this.


XTRFY M4 Sensor

The XTRFY M4 uses the PMW3389 sensor which is a top optical sensor comparable to the PMW 3360. It provides accurate pixel by pixel tracking and no jitter skipping what so ever. It supports DPI values up to 16,000 which can be selected using the DPI button on the bottom of the mouse.

Note that the XTRFY M4 does not come with any software it is a plug and play device so any RGB or DPI values are all configured on the mouse itself.

Buttons & Side Grips

XTRFY M4 Left Side Grip

One of the sell-out features of the XTRFY M4 for me are the buttons. There are 7 buttons in total including the usual primary mouse 1 and mouse 2, two side buttons, an RGB button on the top, scroll wheel & DPI button on the bottom.

What makes the buttons so special are the primary clicks. They are very lightweight so great for jitter clicking and there is no pre or post-travel. This is exactly what I look for when it comes to gaming mice buttons.

The side buttons are a nice size, not too small or too big. They are easily actuated with little force which is always a big plus and there is no pre or post-travel on them either. This is one of the primary reasons this mouse is so good. Clicks and shape are everything on a mouse and XTRFY nails both of these categories.

On top of the mouse is the RGB button. At first, I thought this was the DPI button which I am sure is a mistake most people make when they use the mouse for the first time. This allows you to cycle through the range of RGB lighting available.

You can choose between single colours, different breathing modes or cycles, adjust the brightness and even turn the RGB off if it is not to your liking.

The scroll wheel is great because the steps are easily felt when scrolling back and forth but they are not too stiff. The wheel is really easy to spin which I love. The click takes a moderate amount of force to press in. I always hate scroll wheels that feel like you have to have done finger strength exercises to use it, gladly the XTRFY M4’s is not one of them.

On the bottom of the mouse is the DPI button which will cycle between the different DPI values from 400 up to 16,000. These are uniquely identified nicely using the colour coded LED light.

Grip Style & Size Recommendations

With the XTRFY M4 being an ergonomic mouse it is automatically suited towards palm grip players. Generally speaking, palm grip players go for ergonomic mice as they provide more support and fill the palm more providing more control. However, the XTRFY M4 is unique because of how small it is.

This allows the mouse to be suited to claw grip players too that like to rest the base of their hands on the mouse. The height of the mouse is rather low at 37.5cm so the hump won’t be too intrusive for claw grip players.

Texture & Coating

The XTRFY M4 has a matte plastic shell all over. I find the side grips to be a little slippy when I have sweaty hands but the coating and texture itself feels nice and smooth.

If you sweat a lot be prepared to clean the mouse regularly to avoid the side grips getting dirty.


XTRFY M4 Cable

Cables are an often over-looked part of a gaming mouse but are important to get right. XTRFY have created their ‘EZCORD’ as they call it and it comes in a range of colours to match the version of the mouse you choose. As far as paracords go this is not the most flexible one I have tested, that has to go to MM710.

It is however still flexible and much better than any rubber or braided cable you will find elsewhere. Plus, if you bungee this it almost makes the mouse feel wireless.

Mouse Feet

XTRFY have fitted the M4 with PTFE mouse feet that glide excellently across my thor mouse pad. These feet are silky smooth and it is great to see XTRFY keeping up with the rest of the mice on the market in terms of mouse feet.

Inside the box, you also get a spare set of feet which I love to see. At this price any gaming mouse should provide you with extra feet. I am looking at you Endgame XM1!


For a honeycomb lightweight mouse, the XTRFY M4 has surprised me a lot in terms of build quality. There is very minimal creaking when squeezing the mouse but this only happened when forcefully doing so. There is little to no mouse button wobble which is something a lot of other gaming mice have suffered from.

Overall the mouse feels well built so I see no problems with regards to the longevity of it. There is also a 2 year warranty available to those of you in the EU, and one year elsewhere.


XTRFY has created one of the best ergonomic mice available right now.

XTRFY have created a unique lightweight gaming mouse which is something the market needed with the amount of copies coming out. They have carved their own path in the industry and separated themselves as a top pick for an ergonomic mouse lover out there.

With a range of quality features from the clicks, side buttons, mouse feet and overall shape the XTRFY M4 is a must-try mouse. It gets my seal of approval and will definitely be featuring on some of my top gaming mice lists for this year.

Barry H

Barry H

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