Marauders: How To Find The Half Track Bike on Asteroid Mine

The second quest for the zero to hero contracts asks you to examine the asteroid half track bike. The bike is located on the Asteroid Mine map which can be easily distinguished by its large docking area as pictured below. The map is also easily identified by the large rock and + shape.

Asteroid Mine Map

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Where to Find the Half Track Bike

Video showing how to find the half track bike from security office

The simplest way to find the asteroid half track bike is to dock via the main entrance dock picture above. Your spawn is random so use the video above to find the security office area.

If you spawn in the rocky area with stairs in front of you walk straight ahead and up the stairs. You will see a red security door on the far side of the area. Walk around the corner from the door and you will see the open area pictured below. Alternatively you can walk through the security office and out the other side.

If you don’t see the red security door and you are surrounded by rock (lower level) you must find stairs to take you up 1 level. The lower rocky area is 1 level too low.

1. Security Office Area on Asteroid Mine

From the security window (see above), walk in the direction of where the window is facing (left from the player’s perspective pictured above).

2. Ramp leading towards the bike

Follow the ramp all the way down to the bottom and turn right.

3. Asteroid Mine half track bike

Here you will find the half track bike. Hold your action key while looking at the bike for 3 seconds to complete the task.

If you come from the other side of the map you will also walk down a ramp. You can see the ramp from image 2 above.

4. Half track bike alternate view with security office window in distance

After completing the task it does not matter if you die.

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