Marauders Best Settings Guide – Max FPS

Marauders is a space looter shooter very similar to Escape from Tarkov and The Cycle Frontier.  In this guide we are going to take a look at the best settings for Marauders to get the best FPS and visibility for the specs that you have.

The guide features a set of images for each graphical setting to help illustrate the differences between them.  Use these images to help you decide whether the visual difference is worth the drop in frames. If you are purely interested in the settings and don’t care for the explanation behind each then please see the image below.

To find the images in higher quality to compare in more detail click here

The following is what I have found to be the best settings for Marauders so far.  I currently run a RTX3060ti and i7 8700k and comfortably stay at 144fps. If you don’t have a good GPU then turn down the anti aliasing and post process quality.

Best Marauders Settings

Marauders Settings Step by Step

Resolution Scale – Low

Resolution Scaling Low
Resolution Scaling High

There is minimal difference between high and low resolution scaling therefore if you have a lower end rig set it to low because you aren’t missing out on too much.

Frame Rate Limitation

The frame rate limitation will depend on your monitor refresh rate.  Generally speaking you want to set your refresh rate to the same as your monitor refresh rate or slightly higher (to provide a buffer).  The maximum the game currently supports is 144fps.  Therefore if you have a 144hz or 240hz monitor, set this to 144fps.

Vertical Synchronisation (VSYNC) – OFF

Vertical Synchronisation or vsync as it is commonly known should almost always be turned off in any game and the same applies here.  VSYNC tries to sync your monitors refresh rate with your FPS.  

If your GPU is able to produce 144fps but your monitor is only 60hz then vsync will try to sync your 144fps down to 60fps.  This can cause input lag so its generally recommended to always turn it off.

Motion Blur – OFF

This is more of a personal preference option however motion blur should be turned off because it (funnily enough) blurs your screen during quick movement which can make it difficult to spot enemies if you are flicking or snap shooting.  It does have an impact on FPS too from my testing so I do not see any advantage to having this on.

Texture Quality – Low

Textures Low
Textures Medium
Textures High

Set this to low as there isn’t a noticeable difference between low and high. this means you are maintaining a higher average FPS overall.  If you have a solid GPU then you can put this on medium or high without any problems but there barely any noticeable difference particularly when docked into the map.

Shadow Quality – Low

Shadows Low
Shadows Medium
Shadows High

Shadows are always expensive when it comes to GPU resources so its always beneficial to turn them down or off completely.  In Marauaders a lot of the maps are dark already and spotting players can be very difficult amongst the brown, grey and black environments.  

Therefore to get the best visibility in Marauders I suggest turning this to low as from the images above you can see that medium and high does cast significant shadows. This can make it much harder to spot players particularly on asteroid mine.

Visual Effects Quality – Low

Visual Effects Quality Low
Visual Effect Quality Medium
Visual Effects Quality High

The visual effects quality setting does not seem to make an impact on the visual quality of the game (weirdly).  I would be interested to see other people’s experience with this.  I recommend turning this to low to ensure it uses as little resources as possible since it does not seem to provide any advantage visually.

Anti-Aliasing Quality – High (only if your GPU can)

Anti Aliasing Low
Anti Aliasing Medium
Anti Aliasing High

Anti aliasing requires a lot of resources to run on high. I would recommend at least running this on medium because it smooths out a lot of the jagged edges.  If you put this on low you will notice every edge on an object looks as though it’s moving and it’s really irritating.  Not only that but it can be distracting so put this on medium to save FPS or if you have a decent rig put this up to high to improve the overall look of the game.

Foliage Quality – Low

Foliage Low
Foliage Medium
Foliage High

From the images you can see that the foliage setting does not have much impact on the visuals.  I tested this in close quarters because this is where you will spend most of your time in game so you want this environment to look the clearest and best.  

Set this to low as there is no real benefit to setting this any higher.

Post Process QualityMedium

Post Process Low
Post Processing Medium
Post Processing High

Post processing has very minimal impact on visuals from my testing. The difference between low and medium however is worth it as it makes the game slightly brighter.  I recommend setting it to low if you need to save fps.  If your rig can handle it on medium while maintaining your target fps then keep it there for the slightly better visuals.


There you have it, these are the best settings for Marauders.  I will be updating this guide as new graphics options become available.  If you have any questions or tips for fellow players please leave them in the comments.

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