Marauders: How to Craft Lockpicks & Bandages

Marauders is taking the gaming community by storm with some of the big name streamers picking up the game. One of the first things you will want to do is unlock the ability to craft lockpicks and bandages which are two of the core items in the game.

How To Craft Lockpicks

Lockpick recipe

Lockpicks can be unlocked for crafting by navigating to the crafting tab. Find the lockpicks and pay the small fee to unlock them. The recipe requires 1 metal scrap which are very easy to obtain throughout the different maps. The simplest way to get metal scrap in Marauders is to scrap unwanted guns and gear.

Scrapping guns for metal scrap

If you don’t have any unwanted items for scrapping then you can purchase items from the traders to use for scrapping. The more expensive the item the higher the chance to obtain metal scrap.

It is always worth bringing in a set of lockpicks each raid since they unlock the higher tier loot areas.

How To Craft Bandages

Bandages recipe

Bandages are hard to find in raid unless you stumble across a medical crate. They are vital to your survival in raid as they are more effective at healing than food. To craft bandages in Marauders navigate to the crafting tab and locate the bandages. Pay the small fee to unlock the recipe of 1 synthetic scrap.

Scrapping armour for synthetic scrap

Synthetic scrap is littered all across the map in Marauders so it is one of the easier materials to find. Similar to the lockpick method above, an easier way to obtain synthetic scrap is to scrap items. Bags and armour work particularly well for this.

How To Craft Small Containers

Small Container recipe

There are a variety of containers to craft in Marauders. The first container is the small container which is the easiest way towards increase your stash size. Small containers are unlocked at level 8 and cost $8325 at the time of this article. To craft a small container you need 3 synthetic scrap, 2 metal scrap and 1 toolkit. The hardest item to find is the toolkit.

If you are struggling to be able to find toolkits and need more stash size the simplest way is to use bags. Light bags work particularly well for this and can be crafted easily using 3 synthetic scrap.

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