Marauders: How Many Players Are In a Raid?

Marauders is a looter shooter style game very similar to Escape From Tarkov and The Cycle Frontier. But with its much smaller maps one of the main questions I was asking myself was how many players are in a raid?

Small Impact Games, the developer, are yet to confirm how many players are in each raid but from searching across Discord and my own testing, the maximum is 6 ships of 4 players.

Therefore there could be 6 ships, each with 1 player (all solos). This meets the quota of a maximum of 6 ships for an entire map. If you pay close attention while flying to the docking area you will never see more than 6 ships.

Its important not to confuse the Player ships with NPC ships as there are some NPC ships that fly around and attack you.

Similarly there could be 6 ships of 4 players which meets the maximum amount of players for 1 map, 24. This is yet to be confirmed by the developers.

How To Know If You Killed A Player Or NPC

Many of the NPCs in Marauders run around much like players and can be quite unpredictable. For example they might crouch behind cover or peak a corner which can easily make you think its a player.

If you have killed a character and you are unsure whether its a player or not, one of the first things to check for is whether the person you killed has a keycard or not. If they don’t have a keycard but you think it was a player then be very careful because only the crew captain has the keycard so it is very likely the person you killed has a friend(s)

If you loot another captains keycard you can use their docking station to board and steal their ship but that involves finding it first. If they have a rustbucket that isn’t very exciting but if they have a scout frigate or interceptor then you might be in luck. Don’t forget to check the ships storage too.

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