Marauders: How To Find Metal Sheets (Easy Way)

The Advanced Resupply task in the list of Zero to Hero contracts asks you obtain x8 Metal Sheets and hand them in. Metal sheets can be hard to find in raid if you don’t know where to look but there is an easier way to complete this task quickly.

Where To Find Metal Sheets

Metal sheets can be found on every map in Marauders but the highest spawn rate for them seem to be inside:

  • Toolboxes
  • Lockers
  • Metal Storage Containers (not cardboard boxes)
  • NPC bodies
Toolboxes in Marauders

The best place to find them though is in toolboxes (pictured above) which can be found across all maps. The best maps for metal sheet seem to be the Asteroid Mine and the Spaceport as they both have numerous toolboxes.

How To Scrap Items For Metal Sheets

Scrapping Light Stahlhem helmet for metal sheets

If you have enough money and you have got the Central Empire faction to level 1, their trader ‘Captain Wolff’ sells a helmet called the ‘Light Stahlhelm’. These can be scrapped for a 30% chance at metal sheets.


There you have it, the best containers for finding metal sheets and an alternative (but potentially costly) solution for scrapping helmets to generate the sheets instead.

Barry H

Barry H

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