Marauders: How To Increase FOV

The FOV in Marauders is very small which can make the game feel nauseating to play for people used to a larger FOV. The method below to increase FOV no longer works since the release of the game. We will have to wait until the devs introduce a FOV slider.

This guide will be left up in case it works again in the future. Good luck Marauding!

Increase FOV Guide (No Longer Works)

Open windows file explorer or the file explorer of your OS.

Navigate to your Marauders local app data directory and to the following folder within:


Can’t Find Your Local AppData Folder?

If you can’t find your AppData folder open file explorer click on the view option in the toolbar and click the checkmark next to ‘Hidden Items’.

Alternative press Windows key+r to open the RUN dialog window and type %appdata%. This will open the roaming folder. Go back one folder and you will see the local folder.

Edit The GameUserSettings.Ini File

At the bottom of the file add a new line with the following:


Customise the number to your preference, I have found 95-98 to be the best for me.

Barry H

Barry H

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