Marauders: How To Find The Merchant Frigate Engine

The Pirate Rank task in the Zero To Hero questline asks you board the Merchant Frigate and examine the engine. But where is the Merchant Frigate ship? If you already know what the ship looks like and how to breach then skip to the section on how to find the engine.

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Merchant Frigate Spawn Rate

The ship can spawn on a number of different maps (except Navy Outpost). At least I am yet to see it spawn on that map. Keep entering raids until it spawns, I have found it shows up around 1 in 5 raids on average so its really down to luck.

Merchant Frigate Ship

The ship itself is easily identified by its long rectangle shape and red lights all across the top. To board the ship you need to breach using one of your ships escape pods. Fly close to the ship and use your action button to breach.

Be Very Careful After Breaching

Many other players will be trying to complete this quest too. Therefore, when you spawn in make sure to get away from the spawn point as players can spawn in on top of you. There is a chance for you to spawn directly next to the engine. If this doesn’t happen then follow the guide below.

How To Find The Engine

Looking left and back from the top of the ramp. Pointing to Merchant Frigate engine location.

To find the engine the best landmark to start from is the huge ramp that starts on the lowest level and takes you up to the first floor. If you spawn at the lower floor, run to the center and you will find the ramp. Go up to the top of the ramp and look left and back. You will see an area lit up in red, run towards it and through the door .

Through the door and facing right in the Control Room

Go up the stairs and follow the red lights you see in the image above this will lead you to the engine room.

Merchant Frigate Engine looking back towards entrance to the room

Run up to the engine and hold your action button for 25 seconds to complete the task.

How To Escape From The Merchant Frigate Ship

The escape pods are located within the engine room and in the corners on the lower deck. There is an escape pod directly next to me in the picture above. It doesn’t matter if you die now so if you are geared I recommend looting the ship as sometimes its completely empty from players. There is an armourer upstairs that offers decent loot.

Watch out for raiders though as they can spot you from across the map and they can be very difficult to spot.

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