Marauders: How To Split Ammo And Items

The Marauders tutorial section provides a good basic overview of the game and its mechanics however one thing that is missing is how to split ammo or other items in your inventory.

This is not only important for stash management but particularly useful for ammunition where sometimes you don’t want to take in a full stack of 60.

To split ammo or any item in Marauders left click (and hold) the item stack you wish to split, hold ctrl and drag and drop the item in a free inventory slot. You can then select the amount of items you want to split using the slider. There is also a handy ‘split 30’ option to quickly manage your ammo stacks.

How to split ammo

How To Change Split Ammo Keybind

Currently the game does not allow you to change the keybind to split items.

Best Way To Store Ammo In Stash

Instead of storing your ammo directly in an inventory slot its much easier to craft one storage container. This can be unlocked at level 8. Alternatively until then craft one light bag and store it at the top of your inventory then use that as your ammo stash until you unlock storage containers.

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